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India is called as economical hub for auto parts it has inherited cost advantage which are at the center of discussions of all auto majors but industry is in phase of quality improvement for better business deals. Though we have many tire 2 and tier 3 companies but still they have traditional business systems, which are appropriate for small operations and that is one of reason of their slow growth.

Small business need a knowledge based new initiative which can help them to get better margin help them get long-term benefits. Our experts have industrial expertise and practical knowledge of auto parts usage, application and different logistics and systems operations involved in this industry.

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The Automotive & Assembly Practice helps companies in virtually all areas of the automotive industry, as well as non-automotive companies focused on assembling products. Within the automotive industry, we serve the major automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturers, their important component suppliers, material suppliers, and companies focused on downstream sales and distribution. Our work has involved almost every major vehicle-system, assembly, and component group.

Automotive OEMs (original equipment manufacturers)

Players: Passenger-car and light-truck manufacturers, heavy-truck manufacturers, agricultural and construction equipment companies
Examples of challenges: Brand management, product launch and project management, lean manufacturing and production, supplier management, value-chain cost reduction

Automotive Suppliers

Players: Mechanical, electrical, and electronic parts and components suppliers, materials suppliers, equipment suppliers
Examples of challenges: Technology strategies, new business opportunities, cost reduction, supply-chain management

Machinery Industry

Players: Assembly specialists, tool manufacturers
Examples of challenges: Building institutional skills, growth strategies, cost reductions

  • Listening to your needs and understanding the dynamics of your business is the key to providing the most effective solution for you.
  • Managing risk is a long term investment and a vital aspect of every business.
  • Providing powerful strategies and tools can help you tackle today’s most frequent insurance concerns.
  • Your protection should not be a daily concern; as we periodically review your insurance program to keep current on changes in your business.
  • Your time is valuable. Our goal is to provide you with fast, accurate and reliable service
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