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Legal services

For Indian SME’s

With our deep understanding of the Indian economy and legal system, business practices and local knowledge we provide you specialized assistance in all aspects of business law. Our lawyers have experience and understand about Common law of Europe and USA.
Confidentiality in all process is our Fist important attribute

With our customized program you eliminate operations and compliance burdens while maintaining autonomy. By leveraging on our advanced technology and professional expertise you can focus on your business instead of paperwork. We design and implement a program tailored to your needs and provide these services from "your" perspective. You can take advantage of our ability to create a comprehensive outsource solution that will alleviate time intensive, resource draining, and costly, in-house work around.

Our team has years of experience working with and for government regulators, in-house with corporations as well as in private practice. This multi-faceted perspective allows us to quickly analyze your legal matter and develop creative solutions in a cost-effective manner.

The services we provide address these key challenges. By associating with us, you are able to focus your time and energy on your clients and increasing your bottom line.

We realized that small to medium size companies often need the breadth of service and experience that advocate provide but cannot afford the overhead associated with such personnel. Our service model provides corporations and other business organizations, especially those small to medium-sized, with the benefits of having counsel who executes the responsibility. Service under our contract helps you get the most appropriate advice on right time. Contract fee and time determine the importance of the kind of service.

We also assist companies in policies and procedures, managing environmental litigation risk and maintaining corporate formalities.

We have vast experience advising domestic and multi-national companies with technology issues concerning complex licensing, distribution, reseller, and related transactional matters. We can assist software companies, hardware companies, and companies comprising every buzzword category in e-commerce, including licensing and distribution, hosting agreements, outsourcing, software development deals, joint ventures, strategic alliance deals, and systems procurement.

Licensing of IP rights, in addition to trademark, and copyright registration and advice, and enforcement of trademark and copyright IP rights

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Typical projects in the copyright area include:

Searching copyright records

  • Advising on prospects for registration and use of registration in litigation
  • Advising on proper use of copyright notices
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements governing the creation, licensing, purchase or sale of copyright material
  • Drafting license agreements and releases
  • Drafting work for hire agreements, assignments and releases
  • Advising in relation to infringing use

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Typical projects in the trademark area of our practice include:

  • Advising on selection and suitability of marks for registration
  • Searching prior registrations and applications
  • Advising on prospects for obtaining registration
  • Filing applications and prosecution to registration
  • Conducting opposition proceedings
  • Advising on proper use of trademarks in packaging, labeling, advertising in print and electronic media
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements for the purchase, sale, or licensing of trademark rights
  • Advising in relation to infringing use

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Industrial law

Our legal team provides faster industrial dispute settlement plans and option based on rigorous wok and research data available from various sources. We understand your requirement and translate it into most suitable solution.

With most of our experience representing employers, we have the depth of knowledge and insight to efficiently meet your need and also effectively help you. Just to name a few of the areas for which we provide counseling are: trade secret protection, information confidentiality and privacy, employee handbooks, executive termination agreements, personnel policies, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, worker evaluation systems, early retirement programs, restrictive covenants and employment contracts, mass layoffs or reductions in force, and due diligence reviews of employment law liabilities in corporate acquisitions.

Creation and maintenance of regulated entities, e.g. financial service firms and broker-dealers

  • Negotiating leases and other real property issues
  • Labor and employment law issues including hiring and severance
  • Data privacy
  • Intellectual property licensing
  • Protection of confidential information
  • Establishing and implementing joint ventures and strategic alliances with foreign and domestic partners, for operations both in the U.S. and abroad

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Other Areas of Practice

Our Associate lawyers and consultants are specialized in:

  • Incorporation & Investment of Foreign Companies in India
  • Franchise & Licensing Agreements in India
  • Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Real Estate & Property Transactions in India.
  • International trade & Commercial disputes.
  • Recovery of debts & filing of suits for recovery.
  • Protection & Registration of Intellectual property rights in India.
  • Advice & Opinions from senior counsels & ex members of the Indian Judiciary on Indian laws and the legal system.

Our lawyers have a very reliable and tested practice and further are specialized in their area of work.

Your matters carry the utmost importance for us and therefore all enquiries are dealt with precision and once the issue is understood and discussed we assign it to our associate who is most relevant as well as experienced in the particular city.

While fixing matters we understand the importance and affordability of the issue and therefore maters are assigned based on the seniority required as well as experience of the particular lawyer within our associate wing.

We have been able to assist a whole lot of companies & firms in setting up offices all over India. On personal matters our lawyers have assisted in issues such as real estate transactions.

As our objective was to make available legal services which are affordable and hassle free we are accessible easily and most economically. Internet technology has made communication easier and effective for people in any part of the world and also to keep high level of communications within our organization.



For Offshore Law firms.

Our team provides reliable cost effective on time support in following legal arena

  1. Banking Law
  2. Investment law
  3. Contract Law
  4. Law of Insurance
  5. Intellectual property law
  6. Insurance Law
  7. Trade and litigation law
  8. International Law

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