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To deliver satisfaction in business support and solution to our clients by substantially enhancing their performances in ethical and ecofreindly environment.

Business support
Our business support services are unique and highly reliable. We help SME’s to get their business energized through our following support services.

For Indian SME’s

  • Organizing finance for their new initiatives,
  • Facilitating their accountancy system improvement.
  • Organizing human resource for their special assignments
  • Legal support to corporate and business law practitioners.
  • Supporting for business tie-ups with offshore partners
  • Supporting in establishing market and distribution channels in India and overseas.
  • Providing business intelligence and market survey reports.
  • Supporting back office work of transactions.
  • All other services to augment business

For overseas SME’s

  • Finding suitable outsourcing partner
  • Supporting cost effective transactions reliably
  • Supporting all requirements of tie-ups, financial and legal listening,
  • Facilitating your Indian operations at initial stage.
  • Legal support to Corporate and law firms.
  • Providing business intelligence, equity research and market survey reports.
  • Corporate reviews and valuation insight.


For Indian SME’s

  • Our experts provide most effective solutions and appropriate guidance in time, based on analysis from various authentic sources.
  • Our Professionals provide implement able strategies in all sector of our business Practices.
  • Our consultants with decades of rich experience in different continents of corporate understand your requirement and translate it to executable steps to transform your image and bottom line.
  • Our teams work, as mentor and anticipate client agenda and provide right suggestions.

For Overseas SME’s

  • Our consultants provide you cost effective reliable appropriate advice.
  • Our consultancy spectrum is in all domains of our business practices.


Our clients are SME’s in all business domains of our operations in India and overseas who seek for all or any of our professional service to gain significant edge over competitors.

  • Clinical research and health sciences
  • Biotechnology research and product companies
  • Garments manufacturers and distributors
  • Automotive, ancillary manufactures, assemblers
  • Real estate partner ship, development and facilities companies
  • FMCG companies
  • Telecommunication corporate
  • Retail malls
  • State and central Govt

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