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To be globally respected organization that converts knowledge into value, attracts, excites and develops exceptional people in multi discipline through collaborative culture and rewards. Catalyzes
Commercial activity to contribute significantly in world economy and society at large.

Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Pharmacists, Biotech experts, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Scientists, Economists, Analysts, Software Specialists, Designers, Valuers and Managers.

Multi discipline
Medicine, Engineering, Architect, Pharmacy, Accountancy, Law, Software,
Designing and Valuations


Collaborative culture:
Digitally connected systems with affection and loyalty among people. Practice and preach the fundamentals of human values. Understand the advantage of team effort, work for mutual benefit. Always look for long-term relationship and approach collectively for target.

Commercial Activity:
Activity of commercial value with high potential to help humanity directly or indirectly makes positive impact to the individuals and economy.


Upbeat of unaligned merger initiatives and corporate ethics
Attaining and retaining corporate position in volatile situation
Music of management and rhythm of systems in well tuned organistion
New trends in consumer psyche and purchase patterns
business technology propelling the economic growth
Red carpet for Indian companies in Europe
New dimension in quality appliances
Telecommunication transformation for rural India
Real estate revolution and role of FII and IPOs
Indian story gaining an exciting edge
Consolidation of giants concern for small companies
PLM to profitably a long sighted curve
China gearing for new avenues in infrastructure development
Biotechnolgy at leading front
Managing crisis at time of growth .Stories to learn from
Customer calling on company decision
Sucess of small business fuelling the economy
B-Schools encouraging entrepreneurship
Lawyer in new role
Focus on market share diluting brand perception
People management is the only mangamnet realized by giants.
Talent gaps and rising remuneration making business game competitive
Architectural opportunities unexplored.